TradeMiner Program Any Good?

TradeMiner Program for Stocks, Forex or Commodities - Is it Worth It?

A very brief review of the TradeMiner program and what it does.

Trade Miner
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If you have decided you want to trade stocks for a living then you may have discovered that it is not particularly easy. As a result, anything that makes your trading easier and eliminates some of the guesswork could well prove a useful investment.

TradeMiner is a tool that you might  want to consider buying as it is basically a time-saving program that can save you a lot of effort and could pay for itself with one trade. It currently costs around $97.

What does it do? It finds recurring trends and market cycles proven to be profitable 80% or more of the time over the last 20 years! It scans the stockmarkets or forex markets to find profitable trends, thereby saving you many hours of research.

TradeMiner isn't a trading system, it just finds patterns, after which you decide whether you want to make a trade or not.

One important thing to note is that unlike many such programs, with TradeMiner there are no monthly fees! A definite plus point. There is a yearly update, but it is optional.

You also don't need any knowledge of Technical Analysis to use it, you just configure one or two settings and the program gets going analyzing the data. It displays the probability of profitability and success before you make a trade and provides an exit strategy to ensure that you reduce any losses to a minimum and maximize profits.

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